Monday, February 25, 2019

Kiprunning Profiles: Babak Jahromi

One of our somewhat regular features is the Current Trainee Profile.

Today's installment of that feature is about Babak Jahromi, a new addition to the Coach Kiprunning Roster.

Babak Jahromi mid-stride running in a road race

As of February 2019, Babak has been running for right around eighteen months, and he is pushing for a very competitive half marathon time beneath 1:10:00.  He has trained in various locations throughout the United States and most enjoys the Hellyer Trail in San Jose, as well as the Chicago 606 Trail and Washington, DC's Mount Vernon Trail.

To stay motivated, he maintains focus on the larger picture of training in all its components, and he pushes himself to dream big and to train seriously.

We're looking forward to seeing Babak set some new PR's in the coming year.