Friday, December 30, 2022

Year-End Record Roundup

As we close out 2022, Coach Kiprunning wishes a hearty congratulations and thanks to all of our runners.

From Coach Komen:

Dear Runners, It is my privilege to have accompanied you on the journey we have taken together as you have successfully achieved your training and racing goals. Thank you again for choosing Coach Kiprunning. You have demonstrated hard work, discipline, and commitment throughout your training. I wish you all the best for a prosperous 2023, and I am looking forward to working with you again soon. 

Here is a rundown of significant Coach Kiprunning records from the past year.

  • L’kel: after five months of one-on-one coaching, she set a new marathon PR at 4:31:53 in the 2022 New York City Marathon, bettering her previous marathon time by 53 minutes.
  • James: in preparation for the Richmond Half Marathon, James worked with Coach Wilson for an intense month of one-on-one coaching. James's previous half marathon time was 2:05. This year, he shaved 30 minutes off of his PR, setting a new record at 1:36:26.
  • Sarah: over the past year, Sarah has been training according to a series of customized training plans designed by Coach Komen. This past September, she set a new PR at the New haven Half Marathon, finishing in 1:55:58, which marked a 5-mminute improvement on her prior best time.
  • Tom: Tom's goal was to train with Coach Wilson to complete his first marathon. After six months of individualized coaching, Tom ran a time of 3:30:28 in the 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon.  
  • Salvatore: after receiving an installment of one-on-one coaching as a gift from his wife, Salvatore set his sights on running a new half marathon PR in the 2022 DC Half marathon. Salvatore achieved this goal, finishing in 1:24:19, a nearly ten-minute improvement from his previous PR at 1:33:20.
  • Sebastian: Sebastian broke the Three-Hour Barrier in this year's Chicago Marathon. He finished in with a new PR of 2:55 after three months of training with Coach Wilson.
  • Kenny: in preparation for his marathon debut at the 2022 Philadelphia Marathon, Kenny worked individually with Coach Komen. Ultimately, he ran a finishing time of 4:03:23.
  • Jed: an experienced trail runner and hiker, Jed came to Coach Kiprunning for one-on-one coaching. In June 2022, he completed a 40-mile hike in Maryland, setting a new PR in the process.