A Comment on Comments

We welcome your comments on our posts.  Ideally, our blog will become a vibrant community where we can trade running stories and advice for the betterment of all of us.

Nevertheless, we will enforce some basic comment rules.

First, we will delete any comments that we consider hate speech or that are directly hostile to our writers or other commenters.  We have the final say in these determinations, and we will ban any commenters who persist in posting hateful, hostile commentary.

Second, we do not allow open solicitation on this blog.  Commenters--real or virtual--who post links to online sales sites will be banned, and all of their comments will be deleted.

Third, we will remove spam comments of any kind.

Please help us in our efforts not to make this list of "rules" any more extensive than this.  We're happy people.  Let's keep Coach Kiprunning a happy place.