Friday, December 30, 2022

Year-End Record Roundup

As we close out 2022, Coach Kiprunning wishes a hearty congratulations and thanks to all of our runners.

From Coach Komen:

Dear Runners, It is my privilege to have accompanied you on the journey we have taken together as you have successfully achieved your training and racing goals. Thank you again for choosing Coach Kiprunning. You have demonstrated hard work, discipline, and commitment throughout your training. I wish you all the best for a prosperous 2023, and I am looking forward to working with you again soon. 

Here is a rundown of significant Coach Kiprunning records from the past year.

  • L’kel: after five months of one-on-one coaching, she set a new marathon PR at 4:31:53 in the 2022 New York City Marathon, bettering her previous marathon time by 53 minutes.
  • James: in preparation for the Richmond Half Marathon, James worked with Coach Wilson for an intense month of one-on-one coaching. James's previous half marathon time was 2:05. This year, he shaved 30 minutes off of his PR, setting a new record at 1:36:26.
  • Sarah: over the past year, Sarah has been training according to a series of customized training plans designed by Coach Komen. This past September, she set a new PR at the New haven Half Marathon, finishing in 1:55:58, which marked a 5-mminute improvement on her prior best time.
  • Tom: Tom's goal was to train with Coach Wilson to complete his first marathon. After six months of individualized coaching, Tom ran a time of 3:30:28 in the 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon.  
  • Salvatore: after receiving an installment of one-on-one coaching as a gift from his wife, Salvatore set his sights on running a new half marathon PR in the 2022 DC Half marathon. Salvatore achieved this goal, finishing in 1:24:19, a nearly ten-minute improvement from his previous PR at 1:33:20.
  • Sebastian: Sebastian broke the Three-Hour Barrier in this year's Chicago Marathon. He finished in with a new PR of 2:55 after three months of training with Coach Wilson.
  • Kenny: in preparation for his marathon debut at the 2022 Philadelphia Marathon, Kenny worked individually with Coach Komen. Ultimately, he ran a finishing time of 4:03:23.
  • Jed: an experienced trail runner and hiker, Jed came to Coach Kiprunning for one-on-one coaching. In June 2022, he completed a 40-mile hike in Maryland, setting a new PR in the process.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Coach Kiprunning Testimonial: L'kel

L'kel set a new marathon PR at the 2022 New York City Marathon, and she also set a new PR at the half marathon distance. Here is her training testimonial.
Running has always been an outlet for me. And although I had run races that included several half marathons and one full marathon on my own, because of my difficult experience with the full marathon, I was pretty convinced that I was going to only run one more marathon in my life: the NYC marathon. My plans were to run this one last marathon and to give it my best shot by working with a coach. I learned about Coach Komen through my running network, as he had a positive reputation amongst DMV runners. After an introduction call with Coach Komen, I decided to move forward with the Coach Kiprunning in-person training program.
What I appreciated most about Coach Komen's training method is that it was tailored for my lifestyle. For example, if I had to travel or if I dealt with injuries, instead of the program remaining rigidly the same, Coach Komen adjusted the plan to work for me, and by doing so, I still kept on track to meet my goals. Additionally, Coach Komen's plan not only provided me with accountability, something that makes a world of difference during marathon training, but it also provided me with a gradual mileage increase that eased my body and mind into longer distances in a thoughtful and manageable manner, reducing the risk of unnecessary injuries. Furthermore, Coach Komen was easy to talk to, allowing for a trust-based, judgment-free rapport that is necessary for a transparent coach-athlete connection.
For example, I could mention various self-doubts or insecurities that inevitably arose over the 5.5 months of us training and working together. Rather than ridicule me, he normalized the experience and dispelled my concerns in a genuine manner. Although the NYC marathon occurred on November 6, 2022, it was a historically hot day—high of 76 degrees and over 70% humidity. Despite this, I felt confident that I was going to have a great race because I had Coach Komen's training and race day strategy that I needed to adjust accordingly. Though the race was tough, I accomplished a 53 minute personal best and walked away from the race wanting to run another! I have Coach Komen to thank for helping me to love the process of training and for being an absolutely wonderful coach who prioritizes runners' health first and foremost.
Coach Komen knows the science of running, and I would recommend him time and time again to any runner who is seeking to unlock their full running potential.
Thank you, Coach Komen!
(See a complete list of trainee testimonials for Wilson Komen.)

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Kipresults: 2022 Richmond Half Marathon

It's been a busy fall season for Coach Kiprunning.

This week, we congratulate James for setting a new PR in the 2022 Richmond Half Marathon.

James holding a finisher medal and standing in front of a banner that reads Richmond Half Marathon

James improved his previous half marathon PR by quite a lot, bringing it from 2:05 to 1:36:26. He was a Coach Kiprunning trainee for one month prior to the race.

Congratulations to James and to all of the race finishers.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Kipresults: 2022 New York City Marathon

Congratulations to L'kel for setting a new marathon PR in this past Sunday's New York City Marathon.

photo of L'kel holding a 2022 New York City Marathon finisher medal and her bib number 24130
L'kel holding a well deserved finisher medal 

Despite the warm weather, L'kel improved her marathon time by 53 minutes, setting a new PR at 4:31:53.

L'kel trained with Coach Komen for five months prior to race day.

Congratulations to L'kel and all of the finishers.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Coach Kiprunning Testimonial: Tom

Tom recently ran in the 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon, finishing in 3:30:28 for his first marathon finish. Here is his training testimonial.
I connected with Coach Wilson after suffering several overuse injuries when training on my own. He helped me recover from an injury and then skillfully brought my mileage up over time to a point that I didn’t think was possible when I was training on my own. Our work together culminated with a successful first marathon, and I am looking forward to working with him again next season to run an even better marathon time.

(See a complete list of trainee testimonials for Wilson Komen.)

Monday, September 19, 2022

2022 DC Half Marathon: Congratulations Kiprunners

Sunday's racing dual was a success! L'kel and Salvatore each set new PRs at the half marathon distance. L'kel finished in 1:59:34, shaving about five minutes off of her previous 2:04 record, and Salvatore came in at 1:24:19, down from his previous PR of 1:33:20.
L'kel running with her arms spread out as she strides through confetti that is coming down from the sky
Congratulations to all of the runners. Confetti for everyone!

Saturday, September 17, 2022

A New Racing Dual: 2022 DC Half Marathon

It has been quite some time since Coach Kiprunning has been involved in a racing dual. The wait, I am happy to say, is over, my friends.

This Sunday, two Coach Kiprunning trainees will participate in the DC Half Marathon.

L'kel is training for the 2022 New York Marathon, and she is using this Sunday's half as a tune-up race.

L'kel standing on a gravel running path flexing her biceps during a running workout
L'kel, flexing for the racing dual
Likewise, Salvatore is competing in this Sunday's half marathon.

Salvatore and Wilson Komen smiling about the dual

Coach Kiprunning wishes L'kel, Salvatore, and all of Sunday's runners the best of luck.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Coach Kiprunning Testimonial: Sarah Pihonak

Sarah Pihonak recently completed the New Haven Half Marathon in 1:55:58. Sarah has been training with Coach Komen for nearly two years, having started working with him in November of 2020. Here is her trainee testimonial:
Before starting training with Coach Wilson, my running training was not very organized, and I was injury prone. I was uncertain of how to build mileage effectively without getting injured. 

In November 2020 I signed up for a personalized half-marathon training program with Coach. 

Since I began training with Coach Wilson, I’ve been able to realize my goal of running a sub-2 hour half marathon, and have PR’d a full marathon.
photo of Sarah Pihonak running in a road race straight toward the camera

His training programs are very detailed and specific to the athlete and their skill level. My training consists of running 5 days a week, a mixture of easy, short runs, as well as faster, more intense runs and long run days; cross- and weight-training days are also scheduled each week. Coach is very accessible and available to answer any questions about the training program. He discussed a detailed race strategy for a half-marathon I ran recently under warm, humid conditions, and I was successfully able to achieve a PR. 

I know for certain I would not have been able to accomplish my running goals without his guidance and training, and I look forward to continuing to improve my race times in the future.

(See a complete list of trainee testimonials for Wilson Komen.) 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Kipresults: 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon

Tom completed the 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon in a time of 3:30:28 for his first marathon finish.

Tom a Coach Kiprunning Trainee running in the 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon
Congratulations to Tom and to all of the race finishers!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Good Luck Chasing the Unicorn Marathon Participants

Tom, a Coach Kiprunning trainee, will be participating in the 2022 Chasing the Unicorn Marathon.

Tom a Coach Kiprunning Trainee jogging on a paved elevated walkway

We wish him and all of the participants the best of luck. May you run many Boston qualifying times!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Kipresults: 2022 New Haven Half Marathon

Sarah Pihonak ran well in the 2022 New Haven Half Marathon, finishing in a time of 1:55:58.

It was a humid day, eventually turning quite soggy in Washington, DC. Regardless, Sarah ran a great race, and we wish her a hearty congratulations.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Kiprunning Profile: Sarah Pihonak

Sarah Pihonak has been working with Coach Komen since early 2021.

In that time, she has set personal records in the half and full marathon at 1:56:33 and 4:13:02 respectively.
Sarah Pihonak running in the 2021 Richmond Half Marathon
Sarah Pihonak running the 2021 Richmond Half Marathon

Tomorrow, Labor Day 2022, Sarah will be competing in the New Haven Half Marathon. We wish her the best of luck, and we hope all of tomorrow's runners have a great race.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Coach Kiprunning Testimonial: Jed E.

Jed E. recently set a new PR in a 41-mile trail race. He also won the event. This is his testimonial about his experience training with Wilson Komen.

I wasn’t a runner until my late 30s, when I finished a 41-mile, one-day hiking challenge and set myself a goal to repeat it—and PR it—every year. Nine years later, I’m an ultrarunner who with Coach Wilson’s help just PR’d my main event for the sixth consecutive time.

A few months before my start this year, I knew I was in trouble. Just when I wanted to ramp up training, I was getting new pains in my legs. I decided to hire a coach for advice on my injuries, and to see how a professional training plan would differ from what I’d made up for myself in the past.

Coach Wilson admitted he had little experience coaching trail runners, and I got nervous when, weeks into training with him, my random aches turned to sharp shin splints and I had to cut back my training even more. He was great at recommending recovery techniques, and adjusting my training to keep me active and stable, but with four and then three weeks to go, I couldn’t shake the pain and started having doubts. In my training the year before, I’d done half a dozen training runs of 15-26 miles, but this year my longest run in the six weeks before my event was 11 miles, and my pace on short runs was slower as well.

I talked the situation over with Coach and we decided I should start but take it easy and be prepared to drop rather than injure myself worse. The day came, and it was 50 degrees, raining steadily, and the course was 41 miles of hills, mud and puddles. After the first 10 miles, I was right on pace and feeling good, and I never looked back. I finished first, 30 minutes faster than my last PR, and my legs had never felt better (after 41 miles, anyway).

It’s not just the tips on technique, products, training, and race plans that make Coach Wilson a great coach; it’s the mental side. I could never have done what I did this year without him—in fact I wouldn’t have tried. Now I’m looking forward to the next PR—and mixing it up with some shorter races too.

(See a complete list of trainee testimonials for Wilson Komen.)

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Kiprunning Return: Run after the Women 5K

I have written elsewhere about the two ankle surgeries that I have undergone to repair a talar dome osteochondral defect in my right foot. I went down with this injury in July of 2018, and just as I started to make a comeback last fall, after my first (extensive) surgery, my foot exploded in pain once again, and I soon discovered that I required a second procedure, which I had in December 2021.

The recovery for the second procedure was nowhere near as lengthy as my first one, and thankfully, I was able to start running again in early March 2022.

It remains to be seen what the future will be for me. This is a major injury that has permanently reduced the range of motion in my right ankle, and I haven't run more than ten consecutive miles since the early summer of 2018, because my right leg has a lot of difficulty sustaining itself, it seems.

Today, though, I tested things out at the DC Road Runners Run after the Women 5K, the first race in their summer Bunion Derby Series.

I did okay!

Joseph P. Fisher finishing the 2022 Run after the Women 5K
Joseph P. Fisher finishing the 2022 Run after the Women 5K

20:13 for a 6:31 average pace.

To date, my longest run has only been six miles, and I have only run that distance twice, the second time being this morning.

I guess we will see how this goes.

Congratulations to all of the finishers.

Monday, May 16, 2022

2022 Capitol Hill Classic Results

Wilson Komen ran in the 2022 Capitol Hill Classic, finishing 17th overall and third in his division. Coach Wilson has run this race before, and like so many of us, he is hoping that this year will continue to bring more racing opportunities.

Congratulations to all of the finishers.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Wilson Komen Runs the 2022 Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

photo of the Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms
Cherry Blossom Trees with the Jefferson Memorial in the Distance

Competing in his second race in two weeks, Wilson Komen ran in the 2022 Cherry Blossom Ten Miler. Coach Komen finished with a time of 57:17.

Coach Wilson considers the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler his home race, and today was an excellent showing by everyone who ran.

Congratulations to all of the competitors. Let's hope for a good spring racing season.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Wilson Komen Places Third in 5K

Wilson Komen placed third overall in the 2022 ScopeItOut 5K. Today's 5K represents the first racing event for Coach Kiprunning in over two years.

Coach Komen is planning to race in next week's Cherry Blossom Ten Miler, which will be his first time participating in that event since the spring of 2019.

It was an unseasonably cold and windy morning in Washington, DC, but with over 1,000 participants in today's 5K, perhaps a return to usual training and competition is on the horizon for runners here and elsewhere.