Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Coach Kiprunning Testimonial: L'kel

L'kel set a new marathon PR at the 2022 New York City Marathon, and she also set a new PR at the half marathon distance. Here is her training testimonial.
Running has always been an outlet for me. And although I had run races that included several half marathons and one full marathon on my own, because of my difficult experience with the full marathon, I was pretty convinced that I was going to only run one more marathon in my life: the NYC marathon. My plans were to run this one last marathon and to give it my best shot by working with a coach. I learned about Coach Komen through my running network, as he had a positive reputation amongst DMV runners. After an introduction call with Coach Komen, I decided to move forward with the Coach Kiprunning in-person training program.
What I appreciated most about Coach Komen's training method is that it was tailored for my lifestyle. For example, if I had to travel or if I dealt with injuries, instead of the program remaining rigidly the same, Coach Komen adjusted the plan to work for me, and by doing so, I still kept on track to meet my goals. Additionally, Coach Komen's plan not only provided me with accountability, something that makes a world of difference during marathon training, but it also provided me with a gradual mileage increase that eased my body and mind into longer distances in a thoughtful and manageable manner, reducing the risk of unnecessary injuries. Furthermore, Coach Komen was easy to talk to, allowing for a trust-based, judgment-free rapport that is necessary for a transparent coach-athlete connection.
For example, I could mention various self-doubts or insecurities that inevitably arose over the 5.5 months of us training and working together. Rather than ridicule me, he normalized the experience and dispelled my concerns in a genuine manner. Although the NYC marathon occurred on November 6, 2022, it was a historically hot day—high of 76 degrees and over 70% humidity. Despite this, I felt confident that I was going to have a great race because I had Coach Komen's training and race day strategy that I needed to adjust accordingly. Though the race was tough, I accomplished a 53 minute personal best and walked away from the race wanting to run another! I have Coach Komen to thank for helping me to love the process of training and for being an absolutely wonderful coach who prioritizes runners' health first and foremost.
Coach Komen knows the science of running, and I would recommend him time and time again to any runner who is seeking to unlock their full running potential.
Thank you, Coach Komen!
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