Long Run Route Options

The Kiprunning Route Report

The Kiprunning Route Report offers overviews of a variety of running trails in Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia. We welcome you to consult it when planning your workouts.

When selecting a long route option, please exercise appropriate caution, following the standard running safety rules, and ensuring that you are prepared with the appropriate amount of water (or sports drink), nutrition, and money, in case you need to hail a ride home for any reason. Carrying a cellphone and some form of identification is always recommended.

Coach Kiprunning assumes no responsibility for anyone’s safety on these trails. Run smart, and at your own risk.

Additional Running Route Suggestions

If you are a runner from outside of the metropolitan DC area, we invite you to submit to us additional route suggestions for locations across the United States, and even internationally.  We will be happy to consider those options for inclusion on this blog page.

To send us route suggestions, simply email runfishdog [at] gmail [dot] com.