Sunday, July 5, 2020

Coach Kip Changes

When I built the Coach Kiprunning website in 2016, I was still new to working with Wordpress and with complete control over web design.  Up to that point, I had only developed sites for my office, which were bound by the design and layout of the organization's web team.

When I started on the Coach Kiprunning site, my CSS skills were nonexistent, and my understanding of responsive design was meager.  Therefore, I worked with a prefabricated template, and I launched the site.

Since that time, I have also built 2-3 additional sites from the ground up, not using any prefabricated templates at all.  I've gotten better at CSS, and I am now thinking about mobile design first (in most cases).

Once I started thinking about mobile display, I grew disappointed with the way that the Coach Kiprunning site loaded on just about any device that wasn't a very large computer monitor.  However, hacking away at the template I was using very quickly revealed itself to be more labor-intensive than just starting over.

And so now, after much contemplation, I have decided to do that: start over.  Today marks the official beginning  of the Coach Kiprunning website redesign.  My goal is to finish this project by the end of the summer.  We shall see.

Please know that all of the site's pages are live.  Want to peruse Wilson Komen's coaching services?  They are online.  Want to consult the Kiprunning Route Report?  It still exists.  Want to read Coach Komen's bio?  It is still on his site.

The pages are just disjointed because I need to rebuild them.  

As the expression goes, please pardon our dust.  We're here for you while we rebuild.  Contact Coach Kiprunning if you need us.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Social Distancing Training Discounts

I am offering discounted training plans via TrainingPeaks for the month of April.  Runners who wish to purchase discounted plans should use the two codes Run2020 and usat2018 when completing their orders.

Regular exercise is an important form of stress release at all times, but particularly during the current moment.  Getting out for small spans of time, while practicing social distancing, can go a long way toward general rejuvenation, while also helping athletes maintain fitness and even training regimens.

I'll be happy to help with that.

If you would like a more personalized approach, contact me to inquire about online coaching services.  I'll be happy to help with those as well.

Stay healthy, stay active, and run steady.

Coach Wilson

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coach Kiprunning Shifts Online for COVID-19

Stay safe, and act responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Practice social distancing, and limit contact with large groups.

Major local running clubs have suspended in-person workouts, and Coach Kiprunning is doing the same.  If you have questions about your training, please contact me, and I will be happy to help in a virtual setting.

Safety and caution are paramount.  Please employ both of them in any exercise that you are conducting.


Coach Wilson

Sunday, January 19, 2020

SEO Status: Complete

The SEO upgrade to the Coach Kiprunning website is now complete. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be publicizing the enhanced webpages on our Twitter feeds, so definitely follow along, read, and click through.

Finally, there are some larger exciting developments on the horizon.  It looks like a potential reorganization of the Kiprunning Sports Club might be in the works.  Stay updated by reading this very blog.  We'll be sure to let you know what is happening.

Stay warm out there.