Saturday, December 28, 2019

Coach Kiprunning 2.0 Nearly Complete

The major SEO update to the Coach Kiprunning website is nearly complete.  The work has been painstaking and long, but in the end, it should be worth it.  Our new SEO settings should result in better search rankings and, we hope, increased web traffic.  We will also be enhancing the site navigation via a fresh breadcrumb installation, and we will also ensure that the appropriate meta images are in place for all manner of social sharing.

This whole project came about due to some unexpected compatibility problems with a move to a new hosting platform.  Once the website was upgraded, it basically crashed (of course), and we had to reset all of the search engine optimization settings just to get it running again.  Once we did that, well, we had to start all over again.

And so here we are.  We're shooting to complete this project in about a week, which means that the new site will be fully functional just after the new year.  Once everything is in place, we will start sharing links to important parts of the site on my Twitter feed and on the official Coach Kiprunning Twitter feed.  Follow us there now and always!

In the meantime, enjoy the last few days of 2019.  I can't believe that we are on the verge of the four-year anniversary of this blog.

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