Sunday, January 24, 2016

Welcome! Join Us!

Welcome!  The Internet is a big place, we know, and we are so happy that you found us.

This is the official blog of Coach Kiprunning.  Wilson Komen, Owner, is a longtime DC resident and is one of the area's top running coaches.  His website offers a thorough overview of his running philosophy and the training services that he offers.  Please consult it at your leisure.

This blogspace will function as a supplement, of sorts, to Wilson's official site.  As such, this blog will serve two primary purposes.  First, it will offer general information about running, road racing culture, training methodologies, nutrition, and--we dearly hope--injury avoidance.  (On that last item, please consult our disclaimer.)

Second, our blog will work to build a greater, more committed community among Coach Kiprunners.  The DMV--Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia, as we collectively call them here--is home to a legion of passionate competitive runners.  We at Coach Kiprunning are in the process of formalizing a running club that we intend to compete alongside of the area's top teams.  To that end, we intend this blog to be mechanism by which we can share our progress.  Our ultimate goal, of course, is for you to join us as well.  We'd be thrilled to have you!

Before we proceed any further, we should emphasize that Coach Wilson works with runners of all ability levels who want to compete in any road racing distance (see our ever-expanding list of races for a summary of our collective experience).  The core objective that Wilson has for all of his runners is for us to achieve our goals, whatever they might be, with the joy and fulfillment that come from maintaining a disciplined training regimen.  The rest of Wilson's trainees can function as a support mechanism in that endeavor.  Believe me, we all know the joy (?) of cold, dark morning tempo runs on Hains Point.  We can get you through that, I promise.

Once again, welcome.  It will be a fun run, for sure.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns about Coach Kiprunning, feel free to contact Wilson through his website's Contact page.  We'll look forward to hearing from you.

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