Monday, January 25, 2016

Running . . . after the Storm

Launching a running blog in the dead of an East Coast winter might be somewhat foolhardy, what with all the snow and ice and cold.  Nevertheless, I can assure you that it was purely coincidental that we began this enterprise right as Winter Storm Jonas clobbered us with unprecedented amounts of snow.  I've been in DC for nearly seventeen years, and I have never seen this much snow dumped all at once.  Believe me, the streets are pretty well buried.

Image of a snowfall map for Winter Storm Jonas

For runners, the winter months always pose unique challenges--what to wear, when to run, where to run?  Snow days can make these questions all the more complicated, because in many cases, it seems that there just is nowhere to run, rendering the questions about timing and fashion moot.  And that can be a problem for anyone training to run, say, the Boston Marathon, which falls right after large chunks of the rest of the country--but not New England--have thawed out.

Writing for Runners World, Jennifer Van Allen offers some excellent tips for winter exercise and for treadmill running.  Give 'em a read . . . by the fireplace.

Stay safe out there.

May your clothing be bright and your shoes dry.

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