Sunday, January 31, 2016

Blog Base Building

As anyone who has ever blogged knows (really, that's, like, everyone, right?), managing a blog is a constant process of adding and subtracting all manner of features until a reasonably functional publishing platform emerges, ready to compete with the rest of the blogosphere.

Trust us, we're (always) getting there.

From time to time, when we add new features, and are reasonably confident that they work, we'll post a brief update, alerting all of you to what these features are and how they will enhance your reading experience.

For now, just a few basic items:
  • We have set up a dedicated blog feed that should be compatible with whatever reader technology you choose to use.
  • We have posted some stable contact information in the lower right margin.  If you have questions about joining the Coach Kiprunning group, there is a link in the margin that will take you directly to the contact information on Wilson Komen's website.  Beneath that link is a stable email address for all Coach Kiprunning blog inquires.
In other news, DC's usual January thaw is happening.  Here's to hoping for a few days of sunny, less icy running!

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