Monday, April 23, 2018

Racing Dual: Pike's Peek 10K and New Jersey Marathon Relay

April 29, 2018 will be an active day for representatives of Coach Kiprunning.

Wilson Komen will be participating in the Pike's Peek 10K, while I will be running as a member of a relay team for the New Jersey Marathon Relay.

Our team name: The Shooter McGavins.
We've written about the New Jersey Marathon before.  It's a great race--moderately sized and pancake flat.  The weather can swing either way fairly dramatically, but for the most part, the temperatures are perfect for long distance running.

I suppose you might be wondering why our relay team took its name from the worst sports villain in all of movie history.  I honestly can't say.  The naming duties fell to me, and I am notoriously bad at naming things.  (This might be why I do not have children.)

Beyond that, we will be at the shore, home of lobsters.

Also, there's the fact that, at one point in the past, when I was having a little trouble putting together solid marathon training, I told my wife that I was just like Shooter McGavin: I couldn't get my hands on a jacket.


Outside of those things, there isn't much of a connection. We're nice people.

Keep up with this blog for updates throughout this exciting week!

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