Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 Food from the Bar Campaign Kickoff

Coach Kiprunning was honored to be a part of the Food from the Bar Campaign Kickoff for the third consecutive year.

This year's event marked the tenth anniversary of the campaign.  To date, Food from the Bar has helped supply approximately 3.5 million meals for food insecure populations in the DC region.

Food from the Bar pamphlet with campaign facts and volunteer dates

The 2018 event was sponsored by DC Road Runners and the law offices of Koonz, McKenney.

You can read more about the campaign and about the Capital Area Food Bank on the event's official website.

We've added a modest photo album from Thursday's event on the Coach Kiprunning Facebook page.  We welcome you to share and tag the album as much as you would like.

Thank you again to the event organizers for inviting us to be involved with this excellent initiative.

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