Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Funny

Late last week, Washingtonian Magazine published a great exposé on the mythological being known as The Sun.  Supposedly, this being was ready to emerge to dry off the rain-soaked DC area, providing us with something called "warmth" in the process:
Warmth is a feeling brought about by The Sun and its magical rays. It starts on the skin’s surface and eventually melts into your bones, provoking you to take off your wooly cardigan and lift your face towards the sky. Important: DO NOT lift your face toward the sky if the rain continues. You will get wet again and you are out of dry towels.
Warmth is apparently a thing that runners need to monitor, because it is something that, according to Runner's World, can have a negative effect on a runner's physical well-being.  We trust that this is true, but as of today, we are uncertain if warmth, or "warmth," will ever visit our humble urban center.

In the meantime, please read both of the above hyperlinked articles in anticipation of the remote possibility that at some undetermined time in the future, we will be "warm," "dry," and full of joy.

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