Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Coach Kiprunning's 2016 Holiday Training Discounts for Runners

Coach Kiprunning is pleased to offer a holiday gift for the runner in your life.

From December 15, 2016-December 29, 2016, Wilson Komen will be offering the following deals on his personalized training plans:

  • Runners signing up for 2 months of online coaching will receive 1 month free, for a total training cycle of 3 months 
  • Runners signing up for a customized training plan of 8 weeks will receive 4 additional weeks for free, for a total training cycle of 12 weeks 

These deals are available to all runners—novice and experienced alike—for any distance from the 5KM to the full marathon.

To take advantage of this deal, select your desired option from Coach Komen’s coaching services page, and complete the purchase process for the training plan that you would like.

When completing the Runner’s Questionnaire as part of this process, enter the promo code “kiprunning holiday gift 2016” in the Additional Comments box at the bottom of the questionnaire. Failure to enter this code will void this offer.

Upon receiving your order, Coach Komen will contact you to discuss your training plan.

Limited to 14 total orders.

If you have questions about this holiday deal, contact Wilson Komen.

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