Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Send Us Your Boston Marathon Thoughts

Well, it's official: it is less than one week until the running of the 2017 Boston Marathon.  Current weather predictions are suggesting an ideal day for racing, and we certainly hope that is the case.

In preparation for the big event, we welcome the opportunity to publish your good wishes/race strategies/positive energy for the good of everyone who is running.  We would be happy to do this in a variety of ways.  The easiest is for you to hit me up on Twitter.  Right after I hit publish on this post, I will Tweet it out to the universe.  If you reply to that tweet, or if you just tweet directly to me, I will catalog your thoughts, and then I will publish them here later this week.
Alternately, you can contact me directly at the email address listed in the right margin of this blog.

Finally, of course, you can post your thoughts directly to the Coach Kiprunning Facebook page.

Please know that none of this is a profit generating enterprise for us.  We simply want to help share some good running mojo for the Boston runners.  We welcome your assistance in this endeavor.

In the meantime, rest up, enjoy the taper, and eat well!

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