Monday, June 26, 2017

Coach Kiprunning--Personal Coaching to Help You Reach Your Performance Goals

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It is truly difficult to believe that we are rapidly approaching the middle of the summer.  Amazingly, the fall racing season is just around the corner.

If you have racing plans for any distance, we encourage you train with Coach Kiprunning.  Whether you are training to complete your first 5K or are a seasoned marathon runner, Coach Wilson will help you work toward your racing goals.

Coach Komen offers in-person training for runners who are local to Washington, DC, as well as online training for runners who are spread across the globe.

Likewise, for runners who are looking for grab-and-run training schedules, Coach Wilson is able to offer customized training plans that athletes can implement at their own convenience.

Most crucially, Coach Komen is currently accepting experienced runners for membership in the Kiprunning Sports Club, which is sponsored by Under Armour.

If you have any questions about these coaching services, you can contact Wilson using the automated form on his website.  He will gladly receive your inquiries.

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