Thursday, March 31, 2016

Required Running Reading: Stop Phe

Phoebe Wright, who runs professionally for Nike, writes one of the best running blogs on the Internet.  It's not updated too often--you don't run a 1:58.22 800m by typing all day--but when it is, it is always a joy to read.  Funny, literate, self-deprecating, inspiring--it's all of these things.  More important, despite the fact that Wright is a super-elite athlete, her posts are accessible for all of us runners, whether we're elite, competitive, aspiring, recreational, or are just getting started.

Bookmark Stop Phe (we have), and follow her on Twitter, too.

As an appetizer, check out her bio page for an impressive overview of her career and her spot-on thoughts about how to deal with injury--and how to avoid overtraining.

My favorite part:
Collegiate running taught me that hard work is a prerequisite for success. Professional running taught me that hard work does not entitle you to success. That is a hard pill to swallow.
I am definitely going to find a way to write some version of this statement on several student papers in the near future.

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