Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trail Update: Mount Vernon Trail Improvements

The stretch of the Mount Vernon Trail that runs by Washington National Airport has been under construction since the fall of 2015.  The project is expected to be completed in the spring 2016.

Greater Greater Washington offers a detailed overview of the project's history and the goals that it hopes to meet.

This past weekend, I made it down to that stretch of trail for the first time this year, and I noticed that the temporary wood chip detour has been closed off and that the paved trail is currently connected as one seamless pathway.  I also noticed the installation of what appears to be a water fountain.  I certainly hope this is the case, because I have always found the Mount Vernon Trail to be sorely lacking in water on the trail itself.  For runners who are monitoring pacing and distance with any precision, deviating onto Daingerfield Island, as merely one possibility, is often not a readily reasonably option, particularly in the hot summer months.

The project still has a little ways to go, so we'll definitely monitor things as we jog down there.  For now, know that it's looking like the new National Airport section will be much safer and more pedestrian (and biker) friendly than it had been in the past.

Feel free to drop us a line on intermittent improvements in the comments!

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