Thursday, March 2, 2017

Race Review: 2017 Race for Equal Justice 5 and 10K

Small but sweet--those are the appropriate ways to describe the Race for Equal Justice.  Sponsored by George Washington Law's Equal Justice Foundation, and organized by DC Road Runners, the 2017 event ran out and back (and out and back again, if you ran the 10K) on Hains Point.  East Potomac Park (aka The Home of Joe Fisher's tempo runs) is a pancake flat, beautiful stretch of land that affords runners panoramic views of large chunks of southern DC and Arlington, VA.  It's the perfect location for a PR.

Last Saturday's weather was unseasonably warm, giving the race a beautiful springtime feel, including what were, at times, some strong headwinds.  The race itself is still tiny enough that runners have the opportunity to stretch out and to settle into their respective rhythms without overcrowding. Likewise, if you're having a good day, you stand a solid shot of placing high in the field.

Coach Kiprunning was represented at the race, and we ran well (check out the photos on our Facebook page).  The crowd support was excellent, as was the hydration support on the course. We wish heartfelt thanks to all of the organizers and participants.

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