Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Successful Encoded Baton Pass

It has been a strange week on this blog.  For some reason, on Monday morning, when we informed you that the Kiprunning Sports Club details are finalized, Blogger decided to stop properly sharing the meta search descriptions for all of our posts over on Facebook.  This bothered me, because I hadn't tinkered with this blog's HTML since April, and even then, my modest adjustment--singular--had nothing to do with the post search description function.  Moreover, that adjustment worked perfectly with the rest of the blog for months.  Why the sudden problems?

Thus ensued endless hours of frustration and despair.  Anyone who earnestly believes that the Internet fosters open democratic communication should do three things:
  1. open a Blogger account
  2. open a Facebook account
  3. try to make them get along
Shortly after doing these three things, you will be disabused of your optimism.

Now, at the end of the week, we seem to have gotten this matter fixed . . . until it breaks again (for reasons that will never be clear).  I hope that doesn't happen, though.

In the meantime, we owe a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sara Hooshangi, who took time out of her Thursday morning to start hacking through the impenetrable Blogger code that had flummoxed me for most of the week.

We also cannot thank enough Kevin Thompson.  Who is Kevin Thompson?  Kevin Thompson is a programmer extraordinaire.  He has also been a dear friend of mine since we were teenagers (I actually think I was twelve when I met him).  We met at the first day of cross country practice in high school, and we spent many afternoons riding buses to various running events in the early 1990s.  Lots of memories; lots of them about running.

After high school, we actually went to college together, where we lived together as roommates.  

That last part is crucial, by the way, because on Thursday night, after hours of phone conversation and virtual conferencing about this matter, I was quite confident that my wife was giving me the boot. At least, I think that's what the packed suitcase that she placed by the door was supposed to mean. Kevin was going to have to take me in again!

<b:if  cond=hours of uninterrupted HTML blather>
<meta content='anger and boredom' og: spousal emotional state>
<b:if else=sleep on the couch with your computer>

If you have no idea what that means, let me assure you, there are lots of us who don't.

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