Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Holidays from Coach Kiprunning

Hi Everyone,

Well, the year is almost over, which means that it is time for the usual visiting of family and traveling and various other commitments for all of us.  Sincerely, from us to you, happy holidays.  We hope that all of you have an opportunity to rest and to relax before the new year begins.

We've been fairly busy behind the scenes, building the Kiprunning Sports Club and various other infrastructure stuff.  We actually have a fairly large web project in the works that I hope we will be able to launch early next year.  More about that soon.

In the meantime, as the temperature starts to drop, we encourage you to consult some general safety tips for winter running.  Also, please don't push it too hard when visiting with family.  Squeezing in workouts under stressed and harried conditions often raises the risk of injury.  An extra afternoon by the fireplace is not a bad thing at all.

Finally, don't slip!

(Don't worry.  Chelsea did a funny interview with Deadspin right after this video aired.  She laughed about it, so you can laugh about it, too.)

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