Monday, December 18, 2017

Not All Long Runs are Run the Same

Late last week, the RRCA published a great article about the varying ways to complete a long run.  (On a related note, congratulations, Jeannette Payne. Run well in Boston.)

As we inch closer to the new year, we also inevitably inch closer to many premier spring 2018 road races, not the least of which is the Boston Marathon.  For so many of us, the biggest challenge that long distance running poses is a matter of time.  How do we get in all of those miles and do all of the other things--work, shop, raise children, pay bills, visit family--that life demands of us?

"The Right Long Run for Your Marathon" raises a few different possibilities that recreational runners can consider when setting up their training.  Not all long runs are the same, but all are important.  Likewise, flexibility in a training regimen--particularly for the long, more intense distances--is vital for helping athletes navigate the months of exercise and competing demands that occur during any marathon (or even half marathon) training cycle.

Give it a read, and make whatever adjustments you need to make.

Also, have fun out there.

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